Wonder Women Exhibition: Through the Lens of Asian Women and Nonbinary Artists

Tammy Nguyen, Anno Domini 40, 1945, 1969, 2022 Watercolor, vinyl paint, pastel, and metal leaf on paper stretched over panel 72 x 108 inches. Photo by Genevieve Hanson. Courtesy of the artist.

Wonder Women, curated by Jeffrey Deitch Gallery’s Managing Director Kathy Huang, presents works by forty Asian American and diasporic women and non-binary artists who work in figuration but whose styles are vastly different. The work responds to themes of wonder, self, and identity through figuration.

Wonder Women, Curated by Kathy Huang

September 3–October 22, 2022

925 N. Orange Drive


I look at them and wonder if

They are a part of me

I look in their eyes and wonder if

They share my dreams


Excerpt from “Wonder Woman” by Genny Lim

Published in 1981, Genny Lim’s groundbreaking poem “Wonder Woman” brilliantly explores the lives of a diverse group of Asian women through the musings and observations of a narrating central figure.

Focusing on women from different layers of society, the narrator outwardly wonders what these women’s’ experiences may share with each other and her own. Lim’s work casts Asian women into the spotlight as the narrator traces the potential links and commonalities between these women.

After a successful opening at Jeffrey Deitch’s New York gallery in May 2022, Wonder Women, curated by Kathy Huang, boldly presents Asian American, Pacific Islander and diasporic women along with non-binary artists who have created pieces showcasing the themes of wonder, self and identity, expanding on the work Lim created years ago. This exhibition wholly represents the ongoing commitment to present the Asian American experience in its most authentic forms. The work of 40 artists come together within the exhibit to showcase and preserve multiple aspects of the Asian American experience, running from family, community and history to legend and mythology. Wonder Women features numerous pieces that offer unique commentary and observations on the colonial and patriarchal origins and structures of the Western world. 

Wonder Women will be proudly presented in expanded form at Jeffrey Deitch’s Los Angeles gallery, highlighting the work of the 30 artists originally featured in New York’s gallery, while presenting an additional 10 artists. The Asian American, Pacific Islander and diasporic women, along with non-binary artists will continue to be put on display to tell their unique stories.

Amanda Ba, Four Sisters, 2022, Oil on canvas, 66.9 x 74.8 inches. Photo by Genevieve Hanson. Courtesy of the artist.

“The increasing violence against Asian Americans, particularly against Asian women and the elderly, emphasizes the need to tell our own stories. Figuration allows the artists to present themselves, their communities, and their histories in their own terms,” says Huang.

Wonder Women presents the efforts to embrace points of commonality while exploring and celebrating diverging experiences.

Several of the artists in Wonder Women are friends and collaborators across cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Detroit, and Montréal.

Curator Kathy Huang is Managing Director, Art Advisory & Special Projects at Jeffrey Deitch.

The artists participating in the Los Angeles iteration of Wonder Women are:

  • Joeun Kim Aatchim
  • Amanda Ba
  • Bhasha Chakrabarti
  • Susan Chen
  • Daieny Chin
  • HyeGyeong Choi
  • Milano Chow
  • Dominique Fung
  • Chitra Ganesh
  • Bambou Gili
  • Shyama Golden
  • Sasha Gordon
  • Sally J. Han
  • stephanie mei huang
  • Jeanne Jalandoni
  • Melissa Joseph
  • Cindy Ji Hye Kim
  • Hannah Lee
  • Tidawhitney Lek
  • Zoé Blue M.
  • Gisela McDaniel
  • Nina Molloy
  • Tammy Nguyen
  • Catalina Ouyang
  • Maia Cruz Palileo
  • Anna Park
  • GaHee Park
  • Rajni Perera
  • Jiab Prachakul
  • Sahana Ramakrishnan
  • Anjuli Rathod
  • Hiba Schahbaz
  • Kyungmi Shin
  • Su Su
  • Mai Ta
  • Nadia Waheed
  • Chelsea Ryoko Wong
  • Lily Wong
  • Zadie Xa
  • Livien Yin