Top Asian Models Making Waves In The Industry Today

Prabal Gurung” by Lauren Beck is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

The fashion industry has transformed itself over the last decade from one that is primarily white to one that is beginning to celebrate all shades and ethnicities across their runways globally. Asian models that were once only known within their respective countries have made considerable strides as of late, and can be seen in advertising campaigns from many of the biggest brands in the business. The following Asian models are currently the ones leading the charge on catwalks and magazine covers internationally.

Ming Xi


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Hailing from China, Ming Xi is known for her charisma, fine features, and grand appearances, making her arguably the country biggest model. After starting her  international modeling career in 2011 at the Givenchy Haute Spring Show, she quickly ascended to the top of the field, appearing on the catwalks of several top-tier fashion houses around the world, including a coveted slot as a Victoria’s Secret angel.

Xiao Wen Ju

Bold, brazen, and imbued with a joie de vivre that leaps off the page, Xiao Wen Ju has accomplished quite a bit in her relatively short career and is sure to expand her portfolio. As the first model of Chinese descent to be the face of iconic designer Marc Jacobs, she has gone on to work with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Louis Vuitton, Prada, and L’Oreal.

Liu Wen

Making history as one of the first Asian models to make the annual Forbes rankings for most money earned in a year, Liu Wen has had several firsts in her career as a top Asian model, working with a plethora of top-tier fashion labels, and walking the runway for some of the most iconic designers currently working in the industry. According to the New York Times, she is considered the first Asian supermodel.

Hyunjoo Hwang

As a bonafide star runway model hailing from Korea, Hyunjoo Hwang is a breath of fresh air for the industry and has made her presence known with several high-profile bookings, most notably as a Sports Illustrated magazine model where she made her debut in 2020 in a big way. Her confidence, attitude, and striking features make her stand out, and she has used her platform as a top Asian model to shine a spotlight on Asian women and the false narratives surrounding them worldwide.

Shu Pei

The gorgeous Chinese model has taken her fresh-faced, striking look worldwide, and Shu Pei has cultivated quite an impressive resume since debuting in 2007 through Next Management. Her career was jumpstarted once she appeared in British Elle and Vogue China alongside supermodel Karlie Kloss in 2008. Pei received her first Elle Style Award in 2010, and was signed as one of the spokesmodels for Vera Wang and Maybelline. Additionally, she has walked for several top brands in the fashion industry, including Burberry, Gucci, Vera Wang, Versace, and Dior.


As the first East Asian woman to appear in Vogue Paris, Du Juan has quickly leapt to the top of the fashion world due to her versatile look and work ethic that has taken her to runways around the world. To date, Juan has worked with many of the leading fashion brands in China and abroad, and her name and image continue to gain traction in the industry. With her graceful poses and ability to transform, the sky is the limit for this beauty.


These are the models currently taking the global market by storm and will continue to use their influence to transform the industry and the perception of Asian models around the globe.