Top Asian Fashion Designers in the Industry Today

Credit: Japan Fashion Week Organization

Asian culture and design have been entrenched throughout the four corners of the globe for generations, with the influence of some of the region’s top designers representing several nationalities and cultures to show that Asia offers a multitude of styles. The following are just a short list of some of the top Asian fashion designers working in the industry today.

Issey Miyake

Regarded as one of the most acclaimed Japanese designers of his generation, Issey Miyake served as a trailblazer for those that came after him as he took Japanese culture and style across international waters. Before starting his own eponymous label, Miyake paid his dues working at Givenchy during the 80s, one of the most eclectic and avant-garde eras in fashion history. Over time, Miyake became famous for his thinly pleated pieces that are now considered iconic. Through Miyake Design Studio, Issey continues to leave his mark as a true visionary in the fashion world as well as ambassador for Japan.

Joseph Altazurra

Altazurra took an unconventional path to the fashion industry that resulted in an aesthetic that took in all of his influences as an Asian designer that merged French and American design to a singular result. Raised in Paris and first gaining experience at Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler, Altazurra made a name for himself creating expertly tailored pieces that celebrated the female form. Altazurra has been globally recognized as a designer that has made high fashion to every woman, no matter where she comes from.

Photo courtesy of @josephaltuzarra Instagram

Prabal Gurung

The very definition of a designer that is in touch with his roots and spreads that awareness internationally, Prabal Gurung is a Nepalese American designer that has stayed true to his roots by designing sustainable fashion that is not only eco-conscious but progressive, making him one of the first mainstream designers to take the initiative to be environmentally friendly with each release. Born in Singapore and raised in Kathmandu, Gurung started his fashion career working in New Delhi before moving to New York and studying at the acclaimed Parsons New School of Design. Today, the Prabal Gurung brand is synonymous with impeccable style, progressive luxury, and an elevated sense of glamour that is timeless.

Javier Ortega via @troublewithprabal Instagram

Anna Sui

Anna Sui took a path to prominence that few in her league can claim. Unlike many designers, Sui tapped into the grunge market before it became a trend and turned it into a lucrative aspect of her label, with industry insiders and friends Pat McGrath and Steven Meisel lending support along the way. By tackling trends and wielding her passion for fashion into a viable commodity, Anna Sui took a risk to think outside the box in a way that not only celebrated her sense of style, but broke her to mainstream audiences worldwide.

Photo courtesy of @josephaltuzarra Instagram

Vera Wang

There is absolutely no designer that has taken the bridal industry by storm in such a magnitude as Vera Wang, who has cornered the market on designing dresses for weddings that are ethereal and unforgettable. Initially intent on a totally different career path as a figure skater, the irony is that Vera transitioned to the design world and is now styles costumes for Olympic competitors worldwide. Her path to the mainstream was unprecedented and today, Wang is considered a cultural icon that continues to make waves within the industry as a celebrated designer.


The aforementioned designers have all contributed in some way to change the fashion industry, leaving an indelible imprint that is felt and will continue to resonate for generations to come.