Taehyung of BTS at Celine Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week

Kim Taehyung of BTS, popularly known as V, attended the Celine Fashion Week in Paris. Celine is a top luxury fashion house headed by Hedi Slimane, and when Taehyung showed up, he made a lot of noise across his social media networks because no one saw it coming. His attendance caused an uptick on many sites, including on Twitter where his presence became associated with several hashtags. The Global Head of Luxury on Instagram and Facebook even noted the numbers, and quipped they had never seen such a spectacle in their history.

Taehyung Made The Most Of Paris Visit With Appearances Throughout The City

Taehyung seemed to love the experience at the Celine Fashion Show and without question, his fans were ecstatic that he decided to show up and interact with them! The pop star was having fun at the airport, stopping to pose for photos with adoring fans. As usual, his fashion didn’t disappoint either and he arrived in style in his black pants, a plain white shirt, and a brown and black print shirt. In Paris, the fun continued, and photos showed him eating an Eiffel Tower chocolate.

At the Celine event, Taehyung looked like the pop star and graced the occasion wearing a sequined full-necked top, leather pants, and a red leather jacket. The highlight of the outfit was his glamorous neckpiece that made the pop star stand out in the sea of high fashion. Fans and fashion experts alike have lauded Taehyung’s look.


Fashionably decked, the trio of V, Lisa from Blackpink, and Park Bo-gum, a South Korean actor, stole the adoring fans’ hearts. The three made a glamorous entry, dressed to the nines. Lisa dazzled fans in a shimmering backless top with a skirt, while Bo-gum wore a coat over his black outfit for a more understated look. V met and hugged Eddie Redmayne before the show, and the photos went viral.

The Celine Fashion Show happened during the Paris Fashion Week, where designers showcase their designs. Celine Fashion House is known primarily as a womenswear brand but decided to venture into a male collection after 25 years in the business. Taehyung was the center of attraction in this year’s Celine Fashion Show, and it was clear the throng of fans came to see the BTS pop star more than they did Hedi’s designs! A collaboration between the two entities is definitely something that fans would welcome and seems like a match made in heaven!

Why Taehyung Is A Natural Fit For Luxury Labels

Fans gathered at Avenue de New York to get a glimpse of V. This event was proof of V’s influence on brands and the attached publicity. Taehyung may be an ideal choice for luxury brands, given his overwhelming influence. He is already renowned for his superb fashion sense, high-fashion clothing, and reputation.

Taehyung has not partnered with Celine officially as of yet, but he was willing to attend the show after Hedi’s invitation. The Celine Fashion Show was V’s first appearance in public after the group announced it was taking a break or what they named the second chapter of their careers. What happens next remains to be seen, but fans will be following closely!