Kathy Zhou & Trisha Bantigue And The Queenly Quotient

Trisha Bantigue left the Philippines at the age of 10 after growing up in a chaotic household. By the age 17, she was separated from her mother and working two jobs while attending high school

Humble Beginnings To The Heights Of Success

Bantigue participated in beauty pageants after receiving admission to the University of California Berkeley in an effort to obtain awards, prizes, and titles. Like many young people that finish college and enter hte workforce, she had a clear-cut idea of what success should look like. With these ideas in mind, she set her sights on employment at established companies that came with a high prestige factor already attached to them. She eventually went on to work at Google, Facebook, and Uber but finally discovered that the beauty world was where she felt the happiest and most alive. This realization forced her to come to terms with her true ambition and to become vigilant in pursuing her goals.

Penn-educated engineer Kathy Zhou created an online marketplace for peer-to-peer formalwear sales. Queenly is on a mission to democratize the pageant business because pageant costumes may cost thousands of dollars and are only meant to be worn once.

Trisha Bantigue, co-founder of Queenly and Venmo with Kathy Zhou, has made great strides in her business and personal life. She grew up in precarious circumstances comparable to those of her business partner Zhou. Given that they are accustomed to turbulence and instability, they both gladly took the risk when it came to giving up the security that their 9–5 employment provided in exchange for putting everything on the line to create Queenly. The results have been asolutely divine. Through Queenly, they have demonstrated that where there is a will, there is a way, and with sheer determination, nothing is impossible.

Massive Success Of The Queenly

The brand of these two young entrepreneurs made great strides during the pandemic. The success of Queenly isn’t purely based on luck. In fact, this duo has spent countless nights working in the pageant industry to take Queenly to the peak of success. This duo inspires many—especially the Asian girls stuck in household chores or boring jobs who can’t focus on their dreams.

Kathy Zhou and Trisha Bantigue have proven that it doesn’t matter where you come from; the only thing that matters is where you want to be. Despite not having favorable circumstances, these two have diligently worked to be what they are. In an interview, Trisha was asked if she was confused or feared starting a business, to which she replied that she came from a chaotic family and had nothing to lose. Furthermore, she added that when you have nothing to lose in a business, you become fearless and follow what your inner self says.

These two are a true inspiration for all Asian females stuck at home or have a 9-5 job. Trisha and Zhou plan to take queenly to new heights in the coming years.