How Cassey Ho of Blogilates Built her Empire

Born in January 1987 in Los Angeles California, Cassey Ho Vinh is a social media enthusiast, award-winning instructor, and entrepreneur. A fierce devotee of pop and fitness, Cassey found a way to infuse pop music into her Pilate routines - a fun and unique experience that immediately set her apart from the field. Since then, she has gained a large following and students and students all over the world admire her innovative choreography and her evolution over the years.

The passion to create began early for Cassey

Growing up, she had a burning passion for fashion and design but her father, just like any other normal parent, insisted that she pursue a more conventional career in medicine or law. As she contemplated what path she wanted to take, Cassey did fitness classes and designed yoga bags.

After graduating in 2009, she left for the east coast but still had questions about a career in fitness. Still devoted to fitness classes, Cassey decided to record a video on YouTube for her Pop Pilates students in her class called Popflex. Little did she know that it was going to be the beginning of her fitness career and the start of even bigger things to come.

One day while at work, Cassey received a message from her sister that her yoga bag had been featured in the Ship magazine. This was her turning point – she resigned from her job and went back to Los Angeles to concentrate on designing more bags. Cassey Ho used her extra free time to record more YouTube videos which exposed her to even more viewers around the world. Today, she has more than 6 million YouTube subscribers. Cassey is now a certified instructor and her fitness program is internationally recognized as one of the top classes globally.

Blogilate Ascends To The Next Level

In 2011, she started selling Blogilate t-shirts which sold out almost immediately after the collection was released. She slowly invested in new gym equipment, acquiring yoga mats, water bottles, and sweatpants. Over time, Cassey outgrew that fashion and she had ended her Blogilates gym equipment business for grander projects. During her recent interview with Forbes, Cassey revealed the reason she closed the business was that she could not continue selling something she couldn’t use or wear herself.  In 2018, she brought Blogilates to Target and started to sell premium quality gym equipment and nutritional powders as part of her holistic approach to fitness. Cassey has leveraged her social media to work for her brand and business, designing the videos that have helped propel her brand.

Her success has earned her features on main media outlets such as Forbes, Good Morning America, Cosmopolitan, The Steve Harvey Show, People Magazine, Dr. Oz, and The New York Times among others.

In a relative short amount of time, she went from 10 million views a month to 100 million views with YouTube clips. Her ascension has also given Cassey status as a social media influencer, her story serving as inspiration for a growing legion of young girls and female entrepreneurs.