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Dumbfoundead’s Incredible Journey from Rap Battling to Becoming an Influential Hip-Hop Artist

Rap battling has launched the musical journeys of some of the world’s most renowned hip-hop artists, emboldening and forging the careers of the likes of Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. Among the talented acts who have benefited from the scene is Jonathan Edgar Park; the Asian-American hip-hop powerhouse who goes by the rap alias, Dumbfoundead.

Dumfoundead’s career as a battle rapper began in the early 2000s when he was 14 years old but it wasn’t until 2011 when he was 25 that his debut album was released. Boasting 12 tracks, DFD is the first of three consecutive studio albums released by the rapper up until 2013 with his most recent, We Might Die, becoming available in November 2016.

Dumbfoundead has collaborated with some of the most prominent Asian hip-hop acts in the industry. As early as 2010 to 2011, when his music career began to unfold, he worked with Traphik—more popularly known as Timothy DelaGhetto from the improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out, veteran music group Epik High and Jay Park.

As he continued to produce music, his fanbase began to grow, particularly online. Dumbfoundead encountered widespread success via YouTube, thanks to uploads of his rap battles which showcase his refined artistry, enjoyed through his memorable punch lines, sardonic lyrics, and relatable messages. The aforementioned have also been appreciated by Canadian rap icon, Drake, who saw Dumbfoundead in action during the King of the Dot Blackout 5 event in 2015.

Now a highly esteemed figure in the industry, the heights of respect shown to Dumfoundead isn’t limited to his lyrical talent. His social consciousness is also a driving force behind the longevity of his career and the influence of his music.

He is hailed for spotlighting the incredibly limited representation of Asian-Americans in Hollywood and displayed his acting chops as Dylan Shin in the American crime drama, Power, further fulfilling his mandate to open the door wider for other members of the Asian community.

Since the outset of 2022, six years since his last album, Dumfoundead has maintained his relevance. Having signed with 88rising in 2018, he has been included in the lineup for the label’s Head in The Clouds festival in 2018 and 2019 and was the opening act for 88rising’s 80-minute set at Coachella 2022. He will also be performing at Head in The Clouds 2022, slated for August 20 to 21.

The major festival isn’t the only upcoming event that Dumfoundead has to look forward to. He will also be producing the upcoming dramatic comedy film, K-POPS! which happens to be directed and co-written by the Grammy-Award-winning Korean-American singer, rapper, and drummer, Anderson .Paak alongside screenwriter Khalia Amazan.

Dumbfoundead expressed his gratitude for working with .Paak and being a part of the project, “As a long-time friend of Anderson’s I’ve seen him expand his creative vision time and time again,” He continued, “I’m excited for my production company Big Dummie to be a part of this unique story that brings together and celebrates Black and Asian culture through the love of music.”

K-POPS! will star .Paak along with his son Soul Rasheed and is centered around a hopeful musician who learns his estranged son is now the frontman of one of the most eminent groups in Korea.

.Paak shared his excitement about directing and starring in the movie, “My mom is from Korea but she was adopted, so I never knew anything about my Korean heritage until I met my wife. This movie is a reflection on my experience learning about this part of myself alongside my Korean wife and son – and spending even more time with them!”

Production for the film is expected to commence later this year. Therefore, at this time, the release date remains tentative.