BTS’ Anthology Album “Proof” has the ARMY Falling in Love with the Group All over Again

For the BTS Army, the septet can truly do no wrong, thanks to what their fans and even a few undercover supporters of the group would call BTS’ hit song streak. The biggest boy band in the world has come a long way since its 2013 debut and its latest album is evidence of the group’s unwavering talent from then until now.


In June 2022, BTS released its epic three-disc anthology album, Proof, comprising previously released, as well as, unreleased tracks; solo projects included. The album launched with first-day sales of 2.1 million copies, rising to over 2.7 million within its first week.

Disc 1 features 19 tracks including the group’s first hit song, No More Dream, and other mega-hits spawning the septet’s history-making nine-year career such as Boy In Luv, Burning Up (FIRE), IDOL, ON, Boy with Luv featuring Halsey, Dynamite, and Butter. Closing out the album’s first disc is the band’s latest release, Yet to Come.

Another new track, Run BTS, leads the way for part two of the compilation album. Following are solo songs from the members such as V’s Singularity, Euphoria by Jungkook, and Filter by BTS. Collaborations among the group members are also featured on disc 2, including Friends, and Dimple off the Love Yourself: Her album.

Proof’s third and final disc is currently only available in CD form, to which fans reacted with shock, and frustration before many gave in to dusting off old CD players and even buying the device for the first time because the album is just that worth it.

Proof Disc 3 features 14 tracks, two of which are unreleased; Young Love and Quotation Mark, 11 unreleased demos such as I NEED U, DNA, JUMP, and Young Forever, and a new song, specifically for the ARMY titled For Youth.


Yet to Come was released as the album’s lead single on June 10, 2022, with the alternative title The Most Beautiful Moment. The alternative hip-hop record, which now has over 118 million views on YouTube, tells the story of the band’s remarkable career as the members reflect on their nine-year journey together—all the unexpected highs that they are persuaded won’t be able to compare with upcoming chapters of BTS.