AleXa, Play Wonderland: Get To Know The First American Song Contest Winner

It’s safe to say that the whole world is seemingly aware of the K-Pop’s domination in the music and entertainment industry right now. With acts such as BTS, Blackpink, and Twice breaking records and barriers globally, there is no denying that their impact is being recognized even by musical legends. They now have uncountable supporters and fans, along with their dedication and support to help them achieve the success they deserve. Not only their respective fandoms, but also renowned musicians and artists applaud these K-Pop groups and idols for showcasing the beauty and wonder of their culture and art all over the world, This, in return, brings pride to their very own nation — South Korea. In the show American Song Contest, filled with promising and acclaimed musicians from different places around the globe, another K-Pop idol has achieved a successful feat.

Who is AleXa?


Alexandra Christine Schneiderman, known for her screen name AleXa (알렉사), is a K-Pop singer, dancer, and actress. She was born on December 9, 1996, in Oklahoma, United States. The K-Pop star also started from humble beginnings and experienced struggles before reaching her milestones. She was part of Produce 48, a reality show in MNet, which produces a girl group by incorporating a large-scale project wherein the public votes for who they think is deserving of the group’s members. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in Episode 5. She also shared that she auditioned in prestigious K-Pop agencies, such as JYP Entertainment and Cube entertainment, but was not accepted. She then became a soloist under ZB Label in South Korea and signed with the American label ICM Partners. Her famous songs include “Bomb”, “Xtra”, and “REVOLUTION”.

The American Song Contest Victor


American Song Contest is a US spin-off of the Eurovision Song Contest in Europe. It was aired in March, with contestants from 50 states with the same hopes and dreams competing against each other. The reality and talent show is hosted by American singer Kelly Clarkson and rapper Snoop Dogg, earning numerous viewers from different parts of the globe. There are contestants who are already acclaimed and celebrated in the industry, such as Michael Bolton, a four-time Grammy-winner.

SOURCE: American Song Contest

Before a public vote becomes tallied, juries are awarding points to individual acts. This voting procedure is similar to Eurovision. A singer from Washington State, Allen Stone, was the winner of the jury round with 105 points when he performed his own song called A Little Bit of Both. However, the K-Pop star AleXa trended on the internet for promoting Wonderland on the rising social media platform TikTok, which does wonders when it comes to challenges and trends. This caused her to rise to first place (from becoming fifth), and earned her the champion title for garnering 710 points. AleXa was applauded for her performance of Wonderland, which was inspired by the phenomenal fictional world of Alice In Wonderland. She performed with outstanding stage production, alongside difficult staging routine and stunts that takes not only a talented artist but also a courageous one to successfully pull off.

SOURCE: American Song Contest

She appeared at the Billboard Music Awards last May 16, a popular award show where
acts such as BTS performed, as part of her award. Additionally, her song will be
automatically played on iHeart radio stations across the United States. AleXa is now
regarded as one of the K-Pop stars to bring pride to the country of South Korea with her
skills, hard work, and dedication.