3 Fabulous Outfits From Mindy in ‘Emily in Paris’

Perform a quick internet search on the streaming Netflix show Emily In Paris and the one constant that immediately resonates throughout the show is fashion. Whether searching for the latest episodes, character additions to the series, the lifestyle of the characters, there is always a level of intrigue related to everyone on the show and their sartorial choices.

Without question, the outfits presented on the hit show are fabulous, and Lily Collins has slowly transitioned into a style inspiration for a new generation, similar to the way Sarah Jessica Parker and her character Carrie Bradshaw on the now iconic Sex And The City became synonymous with womenswear trends. Aside from Carrie’s singular style, the other women on the show also had their moments as well, proving that fashion is not only expansive, but powerful. In Emily In Paris,  the character of Mindy Chen (played by Ashley Park) is simply irresistible – she is fun, supportive, feminine, and has a beautiful energy that captures the attention of many. Here are three of her looks that stood out from the show and cemented the character’s status as a true fashionista!

During her first outing to a drag club, Mindy wears a short, frilly red dress that accentuates her curves and shows off her legs. It has an upper corset top that lines her bosom perfectly and comfortably. She wears a large gold necklace that accentuates to perfection. The skirt portion of her outfit is fitted at the waist, and then dramatically flares out with lace for an elegant touch. Emily matches the dress with red strappy heels, a small clutch purse and a gorgeous smile. This is an outfit meant to create a moment and turn heads!

The second on-trend outfit in which Mindy caused a sartorial stir is the pastel orange tie-dye structured corset top with a matching ruched side skirt. Mindy made quite an appearance with this outfit and the look is the epitome of style and grace. For this outfit, Mindy paired it with  gold bracelets, rings, and neutral earrings to complement the look. Completing the look with heels and a colorful clutch purse, Mindy looks every bit the part of a strong, independent woman who is living her best life yet!

If there is one thing Mindy is guilty of, it is switching up her look! With so many variations of trendy clothing in her arsenal, viewers never know what Mindy will appear in next! In one memorable episode, Mindy switches things up with a floral puff-sleeved top. Paired with a simple black skirt, the star of this ensemble is clearly her blouse, which she complements with a subtle dark purple scarf and gold jewelry. One of Mindy’s superpowers seems to be knowing the exact place and time to make a definitive style moment, and with this outfit, she proves yet again that she never misses the assignment when it comes to putting together a look that is not only aspirational, but accessible!